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The Foreclosure BOOM Is Coming...

Discover How These Virtual Wholesalers Made $22,742.40 Per Transaction Helping Distressed Homeowners Escape Disaster

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From: Cameron Dunlap
Corning, New York
Re: Virtual Wholesaling Workshop on January 25th & 26th, 2022.
Dear Investor,

If this past year has left you shell shocked yet cautiously optimistic about new opportunities in Real Estate. 

...Or you’re curious about what’s working (and what isn’t) in this crazy economic climate. 

Then this letter is a MUST read.

Winston Churchill said “Never waste a good crisis” and it would be a huge wasted opportunity if you didn't take full advantage of what I am about to share with you…

While confusion engulfed the world, my team quietly funded transactions throughout 2020 even in the midst of the lockdown and we continue to fund deals for students to this very day! 

- We used unorthodox tactics to find properties in markets all across the country.

- We laser-targeted cash buyers we KNEW would pounce on our opportunities.

- We funded deals without human contact.

In Fact, This May Very Well Be One Of The Most
Time-Sensitive Opportunities You've Ever Seen!

...Unemployment is at an ALL-TIME high!

As a result, foreclosures across the country are expected to dwarf the 2008 recession. and I can play a huge role in that recovery. More on that in a bit.

What does all this mean?

It means good people are facing some very tough times. Virtual Wholesalers are in a position to help them and earn, on average, 17K per transaction for their efforts.

We'll help them by...

  • Relieving them of a massive pile of debt created by the loss of income and economic turmoil!
  • Allowing them to avoid foreclosure and save their credit!
  • Getting them a quick cash infusion that they otherwise couldn't get in a time when cash is king!
  • ​Helping them quickly sell a run down property that the traditional real estate buyer wouldn't touch!   
  • ​The list of good people who need our help goes on and on.

RIGHT NOW could be the greatest opportunity to truly build generational wealth.

While other's have tightened lending restrictions, pulled back marketing efforts and stopped moving forward, we've been teaching our clients how to pivot to where the opportunity IS...

We Haven't Slowed During The Downturn


I am excited to tell you about a brand new 2-day training that my team and I are doing which will allow you to create your own virtual wholesaling machine, but first...

Take a look at a few recent HUD statements taken straight from the closing tables of our students...

(These are LEGAL documents and personal information has been redacted)

Seasoned Investors Are Finding NEW WAYS To Create Wealth Without Relying On "OLD SCHOOL" Methods...

Case Study #1 - Robert Myer

Robert attended one of our wholesaling trainings a few months ago because he was looking for an easier way to make money in real estate.

He was a member of his local REIA.
He was attending webinars and reading.
He was searching online free forums for answers.

...but no matter where he went he wasn't able to find a system allowing him to capitalize on the current market and do deals systematically. 

That's when Robert found me (I actually spoke at his local REIA) and joined me for a multi-day training where I showed him how to start making money as a wholesaler. The best part is, I showed him how he could do it virtually, not just in his own backyard.

A few weeks later Robert sent me the picture to the right, which was actually taken at the closing table during his first wholesale transaction.

Wholesale Profit: $20,000

Even BRAND NEW Investors Are Doing Deals...

(Since this picture, Stuart has continued to work and I'm happy to report he has a 2nd check on the way already!)

Case Study #2 - Stuart Holifield

Stuart and I met in New Orleans, LA about 5 months ago when he joined me for a training all about wholesaling vacant houses & foreclosures from anywhere.
I'll never forget Stuart for one simple reason…    
There's a portion of every training I like to do where I share the story of my first ever profit check (I call it my "Shut up" check).
...and I talk about how powerful it can be when you're able to show all the doubters and naysayers in your life that first check so they can stop holding you back and "shut up".
Stuart was brand new to this business, but he left...and followed my step-by-step system until he was able to send us a picture (unsolicited) of the "shut up" check that he was about to show his doubters!! Way to go Stuart!!!

Wholesale Profit: $4,700

When: January 25th & 26th, 2022
From: 10:30am - 6:30pm
Where: Private Zoom Conference 

This two-day training will be unlike any zoom meeting you've been a part of .

We’ll take you by the hand so you can learn each step. Our motivated Virtual Wholesale Academy attendees can start earning consistent, low-risk profits as a data-driven virtual wholesaler! They're able to wholesale properties from any market, IN any market they choose!

This In-Depth Training Is Designed To Help You From Ground ZERO, To A Profitable Virtual Wholesaler

Among some of the lessons, you'll learn...

-How to use our newest and most powerful software tools and processes to identify (cherry-pick) the absolute best markets around the country for virtual wholesaling!

- How to flip a switch and see which markets in any area/state/region have the most motivated sellers, the hungriest investor buyers and the right demographics to support your business.
Our systems were built by real estate investors FOR real estate investors. Which means we don't just provide you with technology and data, but we provide you (the investor) with the RIGHT data that allows you to make the right decisions with confidence.
(The images above are screen shots from our funding logs.
We fund wholesale deals for investors in every state)
-How to get access to $1,000,000 in transactional funding for your deals.
You'll learn how to get no fee transactional funding of up to $1,000,000 per transaction for an unlimited number of deals (no credit checks, no qualifying)! Plus- You'll keep all the profit
Need longer term money? We've got you covered there too. We'll show you where to get money for rehab or buy and hold!
You'll also learn a proven step-by-step process that gets results in ANY market.
We've been doing virtual wholesale deals in multiple markets (Florida, California, North Carolina and New York) for years.

So...we're not jumping on some bandwagon now because doing virtual deals is a necessity. It's been my way of life for years and the system I've proved out has been working for myself and my clients for years too!
When you join me below, I'll not only share this Virtual Deal Blueprint with you, but I'll show you how to follow  it step-by-step to get your first or next deal done fast!

There's More

  •  I'm bringing in one of our most successful students to show you exactly how she has turned Facebook into a low cost, high quality lead machine. She'll give you the ads she uses and show you how to set it all up (even if you don't consider yourself a tech wizard)
  • How to evaluate, negotiate, and inspect properties virtually (learning this will give you the confidence to make more offers than ever before)!
  • How to zero in on active investor buyers in any market and sell your deals FAST (this is brand new and no one else has access to this yet)!
  • ​A simple, low-cost direct mail marketing campaign that will have your phone ringing off the hook with motivated sellers!And much more!
  • And much more!

Your class size will be limited so you can post questions freely as well as get personalized attention during 2 days of interactive training sessions.

You’ll virtually look over our shoulder as we effortlessly navigate the software suite to give you the data you will need to make repeatable, virtual income. 

Watch, learn and be prepared to make calls to real motivated sellers once the day is done. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Give Yourself The Confidence To Quickly Evaluate Any Market & Find Honey Holes Of Opportunity Using Heat Map Technology... 

You'll learn how to identify the best opportunities (motivated sellers) so you can immediately start contacting them. Then, we'll show you how to identify where the actual buyers of those opportunities are (cash buyers) so you can start putting them together virtually in any market!

Advanced prospecting and research tools like this give you an unparalleled advantage over the competition and is just the tip of the iceberg of what you'll learn during this 2-day training.

Seats WILL Disappear Quickly!

(I refuse to overfill the event and water down the experience for others)

Let's be honest here...

I could easily charge $997 or $897 for this 2-day, step-by-step training that teaches you how to start virtually wholesaling and it'd still be an absolute STEAL at that price.

Heck...I've seen MANY other trainers out there with 1/100th the experience as a real estate investor and zero proven track record for helping other people find success charge as much as $1,297 for a one-day virtual training.

...But that's not how we roll.

When you click the green button below you're going to get access to this step-by-step training absolutely free!

That's unheard of for such a powerful, in-depth training.

Normally, $299....Today It's FREE!

Plus - You Save BIG Without Airfare, Hotels, Ubers and More...

Because we're doing this training virtually, you'll save thousands when you factor in the cost of hotel rooms, airfare, transportation and food. can enjoy this step-by-step training from the comfort (and safety) of your own home.

All that I ask is that you put down a nominal $49 (100% refundable) seat deposit to hold your spot. We'll be holding your spot with this seat deposit and, as long as you attend, we'll refund your seat deposit so you won't be charged. 
Why a seat deposit? Simple.

This event is going to be amazing IF it's filled with people who are committed to be there.  I aim to make this the most potent Real Estate Investor training available and can't have it watered down with people who are not serious about earning money through-out this recession.
My team and I are going to be giving you a ton of NEW and extremely valuable content that will allow you to profitably navigate this "new normal" real estate market. We're going to put our own plans on hold and commit to you and your business for TWO entire days. 

...sound good? Great, grab your spot below now

What Others Are Saying


What Are You Waiting For???

I am strictly limiting the attendance to a small intimate group. No Exceptions.

...and this isn't marketing fodder or hyperbole. I want this event to be intimate and actionable.

Click below and reserve your spot now...
If you're ready to reserve your spot, simply click the green button above.

However, if you're still unsure if you're ready to reserve your spot OR if you're simply not sure how this event (and by default myself) is any different than anything else out there, then...

Let's Address The "Elephant In The Room"

I've discovered over the years that some people simply won't take action. They can learn everything, have all the tools and STILL, they will not move forward.

This fact has always bothered me.

It's why I've spent the better part of the last 25 years developing training methods and tools that give the average investor the best chance at success. 

I believe all trainers should be and want to be judged by the number of student success stories.

Our dedication to our students success is why we have so many success stories. We've collected so much proof we could fill an entire Brinks truck in the form of real hud statements from our students. You can see a tiny fraction of them at the top of this page and I've shared a few more below.

100% of the students above worked and took action with the tools and training I gave them.
I can't guarantee your success because I can't guarantee you'll put in the effort it takes. Only you control that.

I am simply sharing these with you so that you can see real deals and feel comfortable with the fact that I am actively in the business and so are our students. We fund deals for them on a regular basis (that's how we're able to get the hud statements on every deal). 

Now, Let's Turn You Into a Virtual Investing MACHINE!

The Virtual Wholesaling Academy starts soon and, if you want to be there, you need to go below and reserve your spot now.

I've been doing deals virtually for years and I can teach you how to start doing deals too.

I hope that you're able to join me so I can show you not just how to survive, but how to thrive as a virtual wholesaler in our new economy.
I look forward to seeing you there,
Cameron Dunlap

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is the content of this training brand new?
Absolutely. This is a brand new event and unlike anything I've ever done before. The focus of the event is 100% designed to get you comfortable doing deals as a virtual wholesaler.
Will Cam actually be the one teaching?
YES. You're going to be spending 2 full days day with me! I will have some members of my team helping out as well, but there are no outside speakers at all!
Will you be going through the software tools?
YES. We plan to do multiple LIVE software demo's and walkthroughs during the training.
Can Anyone Attend This Event?
YES. This training is appropriate for all levels of investors. If you have the desire to do more virtual wholesaling, then you're in the right place!
Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
Seat deposit refunds may be given up to 14 days prior to the event start date as we have limited space for this training. However, within 14 days we can transfer your seat deposit to a future event.
Any Other Questions?
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